The Return of Sunday Night Sketch-a-Thon

I could barely believe it, but it’s been one and a half years since the last one. I do them for practice, challenging myself, to get the engines running after long periods of not drawing (which I have been in for the past few months). Only managed three of the ten or so prompts received […]

One Logo (With a Ring) To Rule Them All

Here’s a logo I recently did for longtime friend, collaborator & all-round neer-do-well Ron ‘AAlgar’ Watt, in order to unify his many creative activities such as podcasts & humorous cartoon reviews under one identifiable branding roof. Coming up with a logo to act as an umbrella brand is a unique design challenge. You need to […]

The Subspace Cellist

Trying to be a good boy and posting these here on the blog more often. This is the latest cover for the Post Atomic Horror Podcast’s Supplemental episode. I don’t always use references, but I’ll often do a blind sketch keeping a picture of a subject on the screen, without actually aiming for accuracy. More […]

Lady with a Space Ermine

The other day I was looking for any excuse, as usual, to not do any work. I needed to try out some techniques on some new illustrations I’m working on, original pen & ink art that will be for sale, in fact (stay tuned for news on those!). As I was arranging my art supplies […]

A Thing About Dieter Rams

The Birth of Ziggy StarDax

I mentioned in a previous post about how I should be cataloging my process, if not for pure posterity & narcissism, then at least as a counter to my own spotty memory. I’ve often hesitated to put a lot of this ‘junk’ on my blog, considering starting separate blogs or repositories for such things (on […]

Practice 28 March 2014

I need to start owning my process and acknowledging all the steps that it takes to get to a finished piece of work. So much of this gets lost in sketch books, and after a while you start to think you can do without it, much to your own peril. So now & then I’ll […]

The Wyrm Tamer

This was a warm-up sketch that got out of hand. Unplanned, hence the stiff composition & anatomy, the uneven detail & sketchy background. But as practice goes, not horrible. V PS God bless the Uni-Pin fineliner.

Constantine, Morpheus, Jerusalem

Sketchathon topics continue to be worked on. This was requested on facebook by brother-from-other-mother Jamie. Not great, but not terrible. I went through far too many drafts for this, most of which involved Spider behaving badly. I could do a whole series. Maybe even a mini comic. Night on the town stuff. V

Woman by Window: A Study in Patterns

It’s been a long time since I drew something entirely for myself. Not for clients or Today’s Doodle or even just for practice. Those are all things I should also be doing more of, often the best learning experiences come from setting yourself the goal of creating something finished. So a couple of days ago […]

Sketch-a-thon: Hulk Loves Aslan

Back to working on sketch requests from the last call. I’ll be posting these as I draw them from now on. This was requested by a friend on facebook, and is an inside joke between him and a friend of his. V

Document Setup

A clean & organised work area is important even with virtual spaces. Everyone arrives at their own system they’re comfortable with, but my inkscape documents tend to work like this: Everything immediately to the right of the page definition is the actual ‘work’ area. Everything to the upper-right of page is reference images, colour keys, […]