The Subspace Cellist

Trying to be a good boy and posting these here on the blog more often. This is the latest cover for the Post Atomic Horror Podcast’s Supplemental episode. I don’t always use references, but I’ll often do a blind sketch keeping a picture of a subject on the screen, without actually aiming for accuracy. More […]

The Birth of Ziggy StarDax

I mentioned in a previous post about how I should be cataloging my process, if not for pure posterity & narcissism, then at least as a counter to my own spotty memory. I’ve often hesitated to put a lot of this ‘junk’ on my blog, considering starting separate blogs or repositories for such things (on […]

Two Kisses

As a proper artist, I only steal from the best. V

A Bunch of Work from 2013

I did less work than I would have liked in 2013. Various factors led to this, but mostly I spent the year either chasing client work that never came through, planning & putting work into personal projects that have yet to be realised (ahem, the webcomic, mostly), or actually enjoying myself with extended family. There […]

A Bunch of Work from 2012

I did a whole bunch of work last year, most of which I didn’t blog about here. So here is a roundup of some of the good stuff that came out of my brain in twenty-twelve. Though I spent most of January & February in India, I was also working on The Sarcastic Voyage Guide […]

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental No. 6 Cover Art

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental No. 6 Cover Art featuring Arex and Dr. Pulaski from Star Trek
I’ve done a fair bit of artwork from the always-enjoyable Post Atomic Horror podcast over the years, including its logo. (

Bender vs Data

ghost doll
One last twitter originated sketch for now. This was also drawn weeks ago, and in less than half an hour (which pleased me no end) for fellow Futurama & Star Trek fan @aalgar, who co-hosts the excellent Sarcastic Voyage and Post Atomic Horror podcasts (more on both in a future post).

See the full post for a couple of details, and click here for a large version of the image

ghost doll
ghost doll


Away Team

illustration of fictional star trek away team
When in doubt, draw Star Trek. Truth be told I’m not very happy with this one. The linework is noodly (fineliner, not brush pen), the BG is horrid, and the characters aren’t very well thought out beyond the big blue guy (who actually evolved between pencil and ink stages).

Mostly, however, I’m miffed that it took me nearly four hours to churn this out.

illustration of fictional star trek away team
illustration of fictional star trek away team