Sketch-a-thon: Hulk Loves Aslan

Back to working on sketch requests from the last call. I’ll be posting these as I draw them from now on. This was requested by a friend on facebook, and is an inside joke between him and a friend of his. V

#26Characters – B for Batman

#26characters banner
The #26characters project continues with the letter B, and of course, I couldn’t help but do Batman. The answer to most problems is Batman. If you ever find yourself at a crossroads, the answer is probably also Batman. If you ask yourself who you love the most, it is Batman.

Batman Batman Batman.

#26characters b for batman

Batman is the alter ego of Bruce Wayne (or is that the other way around?) a caped crusader against some of the most vicious and wonderful villains of comic books in Gotham City. Do I really need to tell you Batman is?

#26characters a-b complete

Still at the very earliest baby steps of learning how to do this, but having fun with it.