The Return of Sunday Night Sketch-a-Thon

I could barely believe it, but it’s been one and a half years since the last one. I do them for practice, challenging myself, to get the engines running after long periods of not drawing (which I have been in for the past few months). Only managed three of the ten or so prompts received […]

Sketch-a-thon: Hulk Loves Aslan

Back to working on sketch requests from the last call. I’ll be posting these as I draw them from now on. This was requested by a friend on facebook, and is an inside joke between him and a friend of his. V

End of 2013 Mega Sketch-a-Thon! (Part 1)

In keeping with a tradition I’ve done… er, two or three times, sporadically, it’s time for another Sketch-a-thon! I set aside a whole weekend for this, and solicited sketch topics on both facebook & twitter. I got a ton, and am still working through most of them. But here’s the first eight. “Bear With Us” […]

Sunday Sketch-a-thon the Third

As promised (well, threatened) last week, I did another Sunday Sketch-a-thon this week, soliciting requests for quick & dirty sketches on twitter late last night. Requests quickly came in, each wackier than the last. Here’s the six I did: 1. Everyday Rangers Kim was the first to reply. She quickly amended her request to something […]

Sunday Sketch-a-thon the Second

I went and did another Sunday Sketch-a-thon. Twice in three years is… something of a tradition, I suppose? Anyway, the basic idea is I take sketch requests on twitter, mostly to keep me practicing & working on the ability to draw quickly and effectively. Here’s what resulted… 1. Upgrades Well, okay, so this is not […]

A Well-Rounded Breakfast

Final Sunday Sketch-a-thon entry, for @jyotishkaray, or as I will always call him in my head, @OldMonkMGM: Still can’t draw hands. V

Rockstar Rhino

Third Sunday Sketch-a-thon request, from @mahnoorie: Quite generic, and horribly skewed, but not too bad. I got to test out a few ink techniques I’ve never tried. V

Don’t Hit Snooze

Second sketch request of tonight’s Sunday Sketch-a-thon. I like this one a lot better than the last one. 🙂 V

Adventures in Vampire Dentistry

T get out of a drawing funk, I’m doing another Sunday Night Sketch-a Thon. All the drawings will go into a single post tomorrow, but for now, here’s the sketches as I do them. The first is from @tantanoo, who requested: And here’s what I did. It’s HORRIBLE. But that is kinda the point of […]