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Chief O'Brien of Star Trek holding a cello
Trying to be a good boy and posting these here on the blog more often. This is the latest cover for the Post Atomic Horror Podcast’s Supplemental episode.

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental 20 sketch
I don’t always use references, but I’ll often do a blind sketch keeping a picture of a subject on the screen, without actually aiming for accuracy. More the impression of what the person gives. Helps to identify prominent features for later…

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental 20 inks
…Because when later does come, and you’ve made a faithful-enough likeness, you do end up using what you learned in the sketch to add line weights to specific areas, such as here in the jaw and extra detail in the hair (Gotta love 90s hair).

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental 20 magazine cover

Here’s the final in-joke heavy ‘magazine cover’ that these have now always ended up being. Coloured in inkscape. GIMP may be a little faster if I bothered to learn it, but the way I work, the way I constantly tweak colours, I find the vector colour process suits my needs better.


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