Practice 28 March 2014

practice 28 march 2014 | Vishal K Bharadwaj |

I need to start owning my process and acknowledging all the steps that it takes to get to a finished piece of work. So much of this gets lost in sketch books, and after a while you start to think you can do without it, much to your own peril. So now & then I’ll dump some sketchy work here under “practice” with a date, and probably little in the way of description. Oftentimes it will actually be pure practice, i.e. not for any finished project; drawing from reference, copying things to see how they work, etc.

Laws and sausages, really, but that’s what the internet is for.

(This image in particular is a warm-up sketch; the proportions are all off, so it looks nothing like the person intended despite working from a photograph. The final result turned out better, but I like this one on its own merit.)


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