A Nevernude Frog Guy

Tinkering with these drawing videos, I think I’ve figured out a pace I like. 2x timelapses seem to be a happy medium between the slow, methodical real-time videos, and the ultra-fast ones that are 4 or even 8x sped-up. For now I’m using the Hyperlapse app on my phone to easily spit out timelapses; it’s […]

Crafty Samir’s Papernautic Video Adventures

Did you know that my brother Samir is almost as talented as I am? Did you know that both of us were taught origami by our father at a very young age, and that Samir has gone on to learn & create many great papercraft sculptures and origami? Did you know that he has both […]

14 Minute Belly Dancer, OR How Long Does a Practice Sketch Take?

I like to start most drawing sessions with a sketch in one of several practice or sketchbooks I have running at any time. Some of them are focused topic sketchbooks, such as my Creatures Sketchbook (more on that in a future post), and some are less so. Such is my current ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ sketchbook, […]

Speedy Video of Monstrous Babies Oh My!

I’ve been using my youtube channel again. Ever since I got my LG G3 phone a couple of years ago, I’ve tried to use the great camera, UHD 4K video recording included, to take more video. Mostly this has been on weekend trips to the Indian countryside, but also I’ve used it to record to-camera […]

A Bunch of Work from 2012

I did a whole bunch of work last year, most of which I didn’t blog about here. So here is a roundup of some of the good stuff that came out of my brain in twenty-twelve. Though I spent most of January & February in India, I was also working on The Sarcastic Voyage Guide […]

My Awesome New Raygun Toy

I don’t mean for this journal to turn into just a documentation of whatever new toys I buy, but in this case I couldn’t resist putting up a video.