Crafty Samir’s Papernautic Video Adventures

Did you know that my brother Samir is almost as talented as I am?

Did you know that both of us were taught origami by our father at a very young age, and that Samir has gone on to learn & create many great papercraft sculptures and origami?

Did you know that he has both a site and now a youtube channel for said paper stuff, called Papernautic?

If you shouted an emphatic Yes! at your device’s screen to all the above, stop stalking us, you stalker! (ps send nudes)

Samir’s paper adventures are ramping up this year, as he figured out that while nothing is as good as seeing them in person, video is better than photos, often, at conveying the work. He’s started out with a series of simple instruction videos on origami, four of which are up as I type this, and many, many more are forthcoming:

So please subscribe, like, share, and link your friends & enemies to the channel, and do find Samir on twitter or Papernautic’s instagram & tag/link him to origami that you’ve made, maybe even using these videos as a guide!

For more background/behind-the-scenes talk on the Papernautic channel, check out this video on our other joint channel, Yes I Do This Too!, where Samir & I occasionally sit down to discuss new creative projects & work, with tales of what & how they get made.


By Vishal

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