Speedy Video of Monstrous Babies Oh My!

I’ve been using my youtube channel again. Ever since I got my LG G3 phone a couple of years ago, I’ve tried to use the great camera, UHD 4K video recording included, to take more video. Mostly this has been on weekend trips to the Indian countryside, but also I’ve used it to record to-camera videos such as this Yes I Do This Too episode.

Today I took the phone and aimed it at my drawing pad, specifically the ‘pure practice’ sketchbook I started late in 2016. Rarely any plan with this, though I find myself alternating between original doodles and following either photo reference or art tutorials. It’s a good set of things to do, and more on it later, but today I set up the camera and finished drawing a creature on a page of weird creatures. I ran the video through Hyperlapse on the phone itself, and brought a 6 minute clip down to 40-odd seconds. It’s a small look at how I actually draw, and I hope you like it.

If you do, please consider liking the video, and subscribing to the channel, as I’m getting the hang of putting video out there, and I won’t always be linking to the stuff here. And do get in touch to tell me what you’d like to see more videos of from me? Sped up more? Slowed down to real time? More elaborate stuff? I’m listening.


By Vishal

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