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Flower & Flour

2 panel comic about flower, flour and monsters. Of course.
I have no idea where this comic came from. I awoke today and it demanded to be drawn. Inks are terrible, but I’m trying to get over my phobia of using large swathes of black,


PS This is exactly how we were taught it in school. Except for the monster, of course.

PPS …I think.

A Herd of Slumdogs

5 panel comic about Slumdog Millionaire, featuring two Monks.

Electrical Shenanigans

Illustration from a 1933 German book on the dangers of electricity, featuring a drunk youth peeing on a power line from a bridge

Right, so usually I’d just link to this in my Google Reader Shared Items blog, but one particular picture in this set was too good not to highlight. Just look at it. I want it blown up and put on my wall.

The rest of the set is here


Loser No.1

Comic Strip by Vishal K Bharadwaj on Procrastination and Laziness

Comic Konga 2 #5: Megalomania

-I wish I was fabulously intelligent. -You aren't?
-Then I'd program a kickass brew of linux and rule the world!! -I see.
-Geeks would love me. Children would respect me. Women would really love me! -Women love men who program operating systems?
-You're no fun anymore.


Finally, the fifth and final strip of the second Comic Konga!. Dunno why I dawdled do long on this. It didn’t take me long to do. I guess that’s because I had a bunch of other strips planned and never got around to doing them (sorry Dolly!). I’ll have to get around to those soon, or when we do the next comic knoga in a month or two. Come to think of it, I didn’t end up doing any of the strips I thought I would do this time. Most of the ideas were very long, multiple page ideas, and would have required a lot more drawing. Still, I’ve enjoyed all the strips I’ve done (not to mention the rest of the strips).


Don’t Call it a PiƱa Colada

Further adventures in processed food in this, the fourth and much delayed strip of the second Comic Konga! Click on the image to see the full strip.

The drawing is all over the place in this. I’m just a bit out of it this week, I suppose, running around doing real life stuff. One more left; have the script, should draw it asap.


Comic Konga 2: A Short Intermission

comic konga intermission monks
Due to unforseen developments, I’m going to have to put my contributions to this second Comic Konga! on hold for a couple of days. I won’t have computer access for the next two days, and instead of rushing and putting up some crap or the other, I request my readers to be patient with me for a little while.

The remaining two comics will be posted on Saturday and Sunday (12 & 13 July).

Meanwhile you can look at these monks. Ah, don’t they look serene? You would be too if you were dreaming of comics.


Comic Konga 2 #3: Mint Chocolate Marvels

Third day, third strip of the second Comic Konga!. Today’s strip is a two-pager, so click on the thumbnail above to bring up the first page, and then click next at the bottom to see the second. Alternately, you can click here to directly see the second page.

I can’t say I really hate mint chocolate — the ice-cream version is something I enjoy quite a bit — but most varieties of it are not very well made, and the experience is more negative than positive.

I have no idea what tomorrow’s strip will be. Oh noes!


Comic Konga 2 #2: A Dilemma

Here’s the second strip of the second Comic Konga!. Click on the image to see the full strip.

This was actually the first strip drawn but I wanted to post it after the single panel from yesterday. Tomorrow’s strip has been penciled; I only have to ink and scan it, perhaps shade it in like this one. Like I said yesterday I think I’m not going to do full colour versions (Today’s strip is done in shades of desaturated blue). For no other reason than, like most Indians, I have a bit of a lenient hand with colour and it always ends up gaudier than I would like (strangely this is only a problem with my illustration work; my colour sense works fine when I’m doing design).


Comic Konga 2 #1: Jewels

So begins the second Comic Konga! I think I’m starting to like doing the first one as a single panel gag; it’s a format I never otherwise use, and it’s a challenge to distill something down to one panel and one line only. Like most writers I have a tendency to ramble, and something like this could easily have been a three or six panel piece.

The anatomy and line-work is all over the place, and I did try to colour it but decided just to keep it to black and white (perhaps that can be a theme for this time’s CK). Hope your own comic endeavours are fruitful. Can’t wait to see what you lot have come up with.


Comic Konga! #005: Things I Learnt From CK!

Well, Comic Konga's done.
Um, make that Comic Konga! (officially)
I've learnt a lot this past week...
Don't squander a whole week of prep time playing Gran Turismo
Don't attempt a comic event the same week you're supposed to deliver a project
Sex jokes are easy, but they aren't very funny
Computer copy and paste can be very useful...
but don't count on it
Also, I've learnt that I can tell stories okay, but not jokes. I'm not a stand-up comedian
I still can't really draw. Miles to go before I rest
Don't get me wrong; I don't conisder Comic Konga! a failure.
I've had more fun this past week than I've had in a long while.
I love making comics, and I'll continue making them for the rest of my life (or at least next Tue)
Hey! I never did a Super Monkey strip like I planned! Oh well...
next time, dude.
Super monkey says ook.


It’s been a heck of a week.

Comic Konga! didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned, but it was a lot of fun, and a real learning experience. I just hope you guys enjoyed the work I did here, and didn’t mind the posting schedule (or rather the lack of one).

There will be another Comic Konga! in the future. I don’t want to turn it into a monthly affair, but a few times a year seems like it would work. I guess I should spend the time between now and then getting better at drawing and comic making.

Oh, and it’s November, right? I think I mentioned something about writing a lot of fiction… hmm.