Sunday Sketch-a-thon the Second

I went and did another Sunday Sketch-a-thon. Twice in three years is… something of a tradition, I suppose? Anyway, the basic idea is I take sketch requests on twitter, mostly to keep me practicing & working on the ability to draw quickly and effectively. Here’s what resulted…

1. Upgrades
Well, okay, so this is not the first sketch I did on Sunday. In fact, I drew it just before making this post. And, now the new one doesn’t even follow the topic entirely. I did draw something, and if you check the posts below this one on the journal you will see it, but please bear in mind: it is horrible. This one, on the other hand, isn’t half-bad.

2. Don’t Hit Snooze
Once I started to get into the flow of things, the sketches started to get better, at least on the conceptual level if not the execution.

3. Rockstar Rhino
These sorts of exercises are also good places to try techniques you haven’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t usually have tackled this topic in such a direct way, nor would I have used an inking technique involving mostly short, straight lines & fat marker outlines.

4. A Well-Rounded Breakfast
It’s always good to develop a shorthand, so when it’s late and you want to turn something out in 20 minutes, you can deliver something generic but serviceable.

I’d definitely like to do Sunday Sketch-a-thon again; every Sunday, in fact. So even if I don’t remember, pester me on Sunday for a sketch, okay?


By Vishal

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