Sunday Sketch-a-thon the Third

As promised (well, threatened) last week, I did another Sunday Sketch-a-thon this week, soliciting requests for quick & dirty sketches on twitter late last night. Requests quickly came in, each wackier than the last. Here’s the six I did:

1. Everyday Rangers

Kim was the first to reply.


She quickly amended her request to something more mundane:


So I amalgamated the two into one image…


Not the classiest inking job in the world, but (a)these first sketches are always warm-up and (b)I’m trying to learn how to effectively ink in a ligne-claire style with minimal stroke weight deviations.

2. Bubble Tea Party

I had done something similar during the first Sunday Sketch-a-thon years ago, so incorporated elements from that into this new image (the diver, drinking things from straws).

3. Sandman vs Llama Del Rey

As I said when I instagrammed a preview of this last night, if you ask me to draw Sandman, I will always draw Wesley Dodds. Very happy with how this turned out, seeing as I inked it exculsively with a fat black whiteboard marker that is on its last legs.

4. With Apologies to Manet

I’m going to hell for this, but why not.

5. The Hulk Whisperer

One day I’ll be confident enough to draw this in a proper superhero comic style, and maybe even throw in Scarlett Johansson on a saddle for the extra in-joke. Still, for now this heavily cartoony style is something I like having in my repertoire.

6. Robocop Cheeseburger
Not a literal interpretation of the request, but I quite like it, even though I have the sneaking suspicion that the concept has been done before…

Be sure to check back next week for another Sunday Sketch-a-thon, and follow me on twitter @allVishal if you’d like to request a sketch!


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