Comic Konga! #004: Dugongaloola

Hello, Humans
I'm still miffed about that whole mermaid thing, you know.
I can understand, of course; lonely sailors out at sea for months on end, nothing pretty in sight.
It's enough to drive a dolphin fishy.
Only natural that sailors slapped the top half of a human thing on my kind and started masturbating.
Guess they weren't leg men.
Oh, it's not the first time something like this has happened...
But then, you lot have forgotten all the legends of the Randy Sexcrabs, haven't you?


How could I resist?

This was a real quickie: the dugong art is for something else, and wouldn’t you know it, while I was doing that all sorts of questions started popping up in my head regarding mermaid legends.

Done entirely in inkscape. The font is Coolvetica by Ray Larabie, which, incidentally, is also the font ‘’ is usually presented in.