Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental 27 Cover

Client: AAlgar Production Year: 2016 With the release of the third ‘reboot’ film, Star Trek Beyond, came the opportunity to do a cover for The Post Atomic Horror Podcast’s special episode covering the film. I went with a variant of what I usually do for their between-season ‘supplemental’ episodes, a fake & humorous magazine cover, […]

Post Atomic Horror Podcast Supplemental 16 Cover

As the Post Atomic Horror podcast moved into reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I finally got a chance to tackle one of my all-time favourite characters from Trek, Jadzia Dax.

Hand drawn & inked,coloured in inkscape.

Doctor Who Fan Stories Logo

Client: Jason Ryan Wallace Year: 2014 The Doctor Who Fan Stories are the audio adventures of an alternate 11th Doctor (played by Jason R. Wallace) and new companions. Given the wealth of Who-related iconography, I knew I had to evoke some of it, without being directly infringing on any current or past Who logos. I […] Header

Client: Shantanu Adhicary Year: 2013 When longtime twitter cohort @tantanoo needed a header graphic & logo for his new photo-blog, he came to me, specifying that he did not want another one of those headers featuring a person (usually the photographer themselves) holding up an SLR camera. I suggested we go in the opposite direction […]

Keshav Bharadwaj Business Card

Client: Keshav Bharadwaj Year: 2013 An updated version of a simple black & white business card I whipped together in ten minutes for my father last year. The new version retains the bold industrial look but breaks up some of the hard shapes with greys, and incorporates a new ‘kb’ logo designed by Samir Bharadwaj. […]

allVishal 2013 Logo

Client: Self Year: 2013 Though I’ve had some kind of web presence & design identity for well over a decade now, I’ve never really designed a logo for myself. There have been text treatments & some hand-drawn type, some squiggles to use as watermarks, but never anything elaborate enough to call a logo. I figured […] Logo

Client: Year: 2013 Viva La Resolucion is a curated blog of inspiring arts, photography and videos. This logo was created in collaboration with Samir Bharadwaj.

Pantless Chef Logo

Client: Abigail S Yachts With Missiles & Possibly Lasers World Domination Industries Year: 2012 This was a graphic to go on an apron for a chef friend’s Christmas present. It was quite well-received, as evidenced by the photo below.

More Bits Podcast Logo

Client: AAlgar Productions Year: 2012 More Bits is the third podcast venture by Ron “AAlgar” Watt, after The Sarcastic Voyage and The Post Atomic Horror podcast. A freewheeling discussion show between AAl and various guests on topics both serious and not. I was working with him on several other projects at this time such as […]

Sarcastic Voyage New Logo

Client: AAlgar Productions Year: 2012 Over the years and 150+ episodes, The Sarcastic Voyage Podcast has evolved into a fine show of sketch comedy & humour. In creating their new logo, I decided to eschew the notion of a single logo graphic, choosing instead to create the identity from a set of core graphic, illustrated, […]

Sarcasteers Fan Club Logo

Client: AAlgar Productions Year: 2012 As part of fundraising efforts for their appearance at the Emerald City Comic-Con 2013, the folks at Sarcastic Voyage created an fan club for loyal listeners of the show. The Sarcasteers would have access to exclusive content and merchandise. Branding for this fan club would evoke vintage radio show & […]

The Sarcastic Voyage Guide to Monsters and Also Robots

Client: AAlgar Productions Year: 2011-2012 For their appearance at the 2012 Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, the Sarcastic Voyage decided to create a full-colour illustrated book about monsters and robots with the show’s trademark humour in the descriptions. I created several illustrations for the interior entries, some of which you can see here, as well […]