Train Station – Foreground Inks

train station foreground pens

Foreground inks are done on my Train Station image for Today’s Doodle. I use a Zebra Calligraphy pen (aka my favourite pen ever) to do the figures. The calligraphy pen gives a nice bouncy, organic line that works well for living creatures. The thinner lines such as the fairy’s wings and the anatomy that shows through from behind it was done with a Uniball Pin 0.05 fine liner. I’ll be using this fine pen more as I get farther into the background, and of course for detail work later.


Train Station – Pencils

train station pencils

(I’ll be posting work-in-progress and quick process updates here more often now. You know, what my blog was supposed to be about.)

The latest drawing for the Today’s Doodle site, on the subject ‘Train Station’. I’m quite surprised that I not only managed to pull this off without any pre-sketch or thumbnail, but also within an hour. This sort of thing usually takes me two-to-three hours or hemming and hawing over every little detail.

On to the inks!


Mandala (work-in-progress)

mandala flat colours
Over at Today’s Doodle, I and a bunch of others have been drawing for the last six months. We’ve been tackling a number of topics, and I’ve really improved my skills (it’s not much to brag about, but it’s a huge leap over where I was when I started).

Most of the work I’ve been doing has been in black and white, but once in a while I do try to colour things. I need to work a lot more on this image, Mandala, but I just wanted to put up this intermediate flat-colour version to show you that even a quick session with the paint bucket tool can result in something good. The black & white original is below.

mandala bw