Client: VLoveMovies.com
Year: 2009

In 2009 I decided to stop creating new content on allVishal.com that talked about other people’s work; so movie reviews and such needed a new home, for which I created VLoveMovies.com

The chief design goals of the site were: clean, vibrant, and visually-rich. A prominence was placed on movie stills, the text flow was made large & easy to read, with no interruptions to the main flow except for the occasional set of imagery (pull-quotes & movie minutiae were relegated to the side). Navigational links & markers would also be moved out of an always-visible sidebar to the tops & bottoms of the page, with a rotating list of movie quotes in the footer to encourage further exploring of the site.



By Vishal

I design & create beautiful, useful, and not-so-useful things that delight.