#26Characters – A for Arjun

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Despite having a graphics tablet for around 10 years now, I’ve never, ever practiced with it enough to learn how to properly use it. While I have been drawing much more than I used to, over on Today’s Doodle, I like to reserve that space for hand-drawn, pen & paper sketches. So, as a bit of a mini project to just get to grips — no pun intended — with a stylus, I’m going to draw an alphabet of characters.

#26characters a for arjun

The first entry in #26characters is Arjun (or, if you’re pedantic, Arjuna), mythological hero of the Mahabharata, master archer and all-round nice guy. I’m not particularly happy with this but I decided to start out simple with the kind of skills I have, which is basic linework and flat colours. It’s okay, I guess, for a couple of hours work, and as a beginning it’s not too bad considering my weakness with the stylus.

#26characters a complete

#26characters will be added to whenever I get the free time & headspace. Stay tuned!