Dark Warrior Toy

Action Figure of Dark Armoured Warrior with axe and shield
Holiday shopping is one of the few times I actually end up browsing through a store for more than just the essentials like groceries. Other than bookstores, I have a very low threshold for shopping, so this is one of the few times spend more than ten minutes there.

And the strange thing about shopping for relatives in India, is that I always end up finding something or the other I want myself! Take this little action figure, for instance. It was only AED 15 (a little over $4), and for the price it was quite well made. It’s a cheap and cheerful toy, surprisingly detailed, and one in a whole glut of products that covered everything from zombie pirate playsets to dinosaurs and giant gun-wielding policemen. On the other shelf were Transformers toys that cost over $100, and they weren’t actually any good.

But while it’s a nice little figure on its own, I was sold on it when I noticed a hole in the pack for a finger, and a well-camouflaged purple button on the figure’s belt. I had to press it…
Action Figure of Dark Armoured Warrior with axe and shield, with eyes and helmet lit up
How cool is that?


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Small clay statues of monkeys
Picked these up at the Japanese dollar store. I succumbed to their cuteness and I’m not ashamed to admit it.



Two mannequins in the store display of a Burberry shop



A bowl of broccoli and pepper fusilli on a newspaper
A rack of small spice bottles
several hindu bronze and stone idols after washing