Rock & Scaffold

I took pictures of rocks, and also some buildy things. Then I messed around with them in the GIMP. It was fun.

(UPDATE: I took out two of the crappy ones with the bad gradient skies and replaced them with two slightly less crappy ones)


More Mountain (well, Hill) Photos

Thumbnail header swatch of quarried mountains in Fujairah
A while ago on a drive through Fujairah and the Northern Emirates I took a bunch of photos of the landscape from the car. It was a nice enough day, but far too grey and harsh, and I didn’t think any of the photos were any good.

A few days ago I was looking through those same photos before archiving them to DVD, and tried playing around with some of the levels. Lo and behold, the peculiar, lovely color of Kodak cameras came into play, and the pictures were suddenly pretty good!

So here are fifteen of the best. You should keep in mind that the day didn’t look like this — but hey, who cares now, the pictures came out good. Enjoy.

Mountains in Fujairah
Dark rain clouds over Mountains in Fujairah
Colourful orange-red Mountains in Fujairah
Quarried Mountains in Fujairah
Quarried Mountains in foreground, other in shadow -- Fujairah
Dust rises from a quarroied mountain in Fujairah
Communication tower at the top of mountain in Fujairah
Dirt road through the mountains in Fujairah
Donut skidmarks on sunny road in front of shadowy mountain in Fujairah
Dry salt marshland at the base of mountains in Fujairah
Four yellow earth movers lined up in front of mountains in Fujairah
Red rocky hill and mountains in Hatta
Highway in Fujairah with streams of sunlight coming through the clouds, and a cement factory in the distance
Undulating range of hills in Ras Al Khaimah
Mountains half in shadow under clouds, in Ras Al Khaimah