7½ Food Lessons I Learnt in 2012

On the evening of December the thirty-first, two thousand & twelve, I was busy being a hermit and cooking dinner. Unlike the previous year, we’d decided to stay away from the hours-long metro lines & traffic jams that awaited all who ventured out that evening to catch the fireworks at the Burj Khalifa. I’ve never […]

A Whole Lotta Pies

pizza party
Pizza party at my friend’s place went well, all things considered. I made far too much food and was banging them out on auto-pilot, for the most part, but some of the combinations worked well. My blanched spinach sauteed oyster mushrooms over spicy cream cheese sauce, and my friend Tesia’s grilled halloumi cheese over caramelised onions, especially.

I would gladly do one of these again.


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl

No knead pizza dough rising

Making some no-knead pizza again. At the rate this is rising (5 hours in, another 10-12 to go) I think it will end up consuming the entire apartment!


It’s taken me a few tries to get pizzas right at home, but I think I’ve finally cracked it. Even though the dough I made was too wet, it turned out beautifully. I don’t own a pizza peel and my oven struggles to get over 200C at the best of times, so instead of topping the raw dough and then precariously trying to slide the wobbly mess onto the baking stone, I pre-baked just the rolled out discs of dough for five minutes each, then topped and returned the much easier to handle pies to the oven for a further eight-to-ten minutes.

Wish I had the energy to take better pictures. I made four pies in all, a mushroom-pepper-olive one, one ‘white’ pie with a cream-cheese sauce, one with the cheese sauce mixed with some of the tomato (it looked like Pepto Bismol), and one very wet, saucy pie with all the ingredients that were left and also some sausage.

It was all pretty damn delicious, and one hell of a confidence booster after several failed attempts at making pizza.