#26Characters – C for C-3PO

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I’m trying to do #26characters more often, or we’ll be here forever. 🙂 Swiftly moving on to C, with the ever-lovable C-3PO, the true hero & romantic superstar of George Lucas’s Star Wars movies.

#26characters c for c-3po

Mr. 3PO — C to his friends — was born (some say constructed) on sunny Tattooine by a young & talented boy named Anakin Skywalker, while he was suffering from a passing bought of the midichlorians. Growing up a nudist, C soon came into money after single-handedly saving the colourful backwater of Naboo from… uh… somebody who was working for somebody else who had a plan about something. He got a gold body.

Anyway, he’s been everywhere and done everything. He is fluent in several languages and can run most moisture vaporators.

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Bit of a quickie, this one, but I’m trying to get a handle on just drawing a line without having to re-do it several dozen times. I exaggerated the robotness of him a bit more than he is in the movies (where being played by a man in a suit does impose some restrictions on structure). Onward and upward.


PS No, I have no idea why he has a handbag either.