#26Characters – D for Dejah Thoris

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It’s fairly uncharacteristic of me to go a whole three entries in any project without drawing a woman. Well, here we are at #26characters 4th entry, D for Dejah Thoris, and you will not be surprised to note that I spent a lot of time getting this one right.

#26characters d for dejah thoris

Ms. Thoris is the princess of the empire of Helium on Barsoom, sometimes known as Mars. Despite this she does not, as far as I know, speak in a squeaky voice. Mars has very strange weather too, because everyone wears skimpy clothing, yet all of this clothing is made of gold (anyone who has actually worn a gold chain in hot weather knows that it’s the most horrible feeling ever).

I’ve never actually read Edgar Rice Burroughs’s series of Martian novels. I did consider reading the first when the recent John Carter movie came out, but I neither saw the movie nor read any of the associated literature. I know, I’m a rebel.

I have, however, ogl–um, appreciated so much art based on the characters over the years, from pretty-much every major pulp and fantasy illustrator of the last century. So I approached Dejah with a lot of osmotic knowledge of what she and the world is supposed to look like. I wish I’d been more intricate with the jewelry, but I think three hours — yes, three hours — is enough time to have spent on this.

#26characters a-d complete

I’m happy that I’ve started to approach these in a more considered way, hewing rough gestural sketch without committing to a finished pose, and then working off that. I even made a half-hearted attempt at being more painterly with the colouring. It’s not great, but it’s a start. The column is a complete botch job, though.

Oh, here’s a little animated GIF of the basic process.

d for dejah thoris animated gif