Playing Around With The Pentax K200D

Macro shot of the Pentax K200D dslr camera taken with a Kodak C875 compact
A couple of weeks ago did my bit to help ease the credit crunch by put a good deal of cash into retail spending. I bought myself a Pentax K200D digital SLR camera. It’s the first professional camera I’ve ever owned, and while everybody and their mother told me to get a frakking Canon or Nikon, this one — quirks, warts and all — is the one I wanted (also there was a rumour going around that the model was discontinued, and indeed it took me a week to track it down in a store).

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks testing it out. With no real SLR experience behind me I haven’t half a clue as to what I’m doing. The days have also been brown and grey, which doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm to take pictures. Here’s a bunch of decent ones I’ve taken so far (out of hundreds of lousy ones, heh).

The ceiling of the airport tunnel in Dubai
The Burj Dubai, tallest building in the world, and an earth scooper in the foreground
a piece of a camel's jaw I found washed up on a beach once
My glasses and my cavernous nostril
The end of a burnt incense stick
A Sony Ericsson K500 phone.
A macro shot of an oil lamp in the dark
The legs of an artist's mannequin
A mynah on the windowsill obscured by a kahwa pot
Pedestrian signage in Deira
The Radisson Dubai Creek, formerly the Intercontinental
A fancy mobile phone cradle
The mountains near Dibba
Dust stains after a drizzly morning on the wing mirror of a Ssangyong Rexton