Of Girls and Pirates

Girls are neat-o
They're like men, only with boobies & irrational mood swings.
Girls like other girls because the can go shopping together
Boys don't like other boys because they're all poopyheads.
Except if they're pirates, in which case they're awesome.
awesome pirate
I would go shopping with a pirate even though he's a boy
First of all, he wouldn't call it 'shopping' -- he'd call it 'plundering'
We'd go to the mall in his bitchin' galleon
we wouldn't use the door
we'd buy t-shirts with ironic slogans on them
Then we'd totally plunder a slurpie
Sigh... I wish I knew a pirate...
Girl Pirate
Arr -- The End.


Good things usually come from comment threads on Dan’s blog. Usually these discussions include Elephant Porn and other high arts, but in a recent open thread the basic script of this came up as a comment (or three) by me. Almost instantly I thought it would make a good comic, and decided to attempt it the minute Spyder pointed out that today (the 19th) would be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. How could I resist?

Truth be told, this was actually going to be my rough sketch for the comic, and was done in my little notebook. I had intended to do it on a bigger sheet of paper, but by the time 4am rolled around I abandoned that idea. It was coloured, as usual, in the GIMP.

MY backside is aching from sitting in this chair all day wrestling with the graphics tablet, and I’m sure that over the next few days several aches and pains will show up, but all of those have been nullified in advance by the huge grin on my face. I hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as I did making it; it’s probably the first finished one I’ve done since, well, 1993, I think (it was called Super Monkey, of course).

Far too long to have stayed away from a medium I love so much. It won’t be another 14 year wait for the next one.