I never thought they could do it again.

I never once thought they could actually do it again. Sure, it looked okay in the screenshots, a tad underwhelming compared to FFX, but then, that was the way with the last one too. I remember those screenshots: interesting, but not intriguing. That changed soon enough.

One of the first video clips I downloaded on the internet, 4 years ago, was from Squaresoft’s website. It was tiny, pixellated, aretfacted and I couldn’t make out a single detail, but damn, that single 5 second clip sold it for me.

Same way now. Saw the screens, interesting, not intriguing. Then I downloaded this (60 MB, use a download manager):


I never thought they could do it again.

I never thought they could capture the same feeling. But they have.

I never thought Mitsuda could do it again with the music. But he has.

I never thought Joanne Hogg could sing something as good — no — better, again. But she has.

It’s probably a year away, but hey, I waited the last time, and it was more than worth it (disc 2 included), and after seeing that video above, I’m sure it’s all going to be as good, if not better than the last one.

MGS2 Who?