the dwarf of the opera

Paradoxically, I’ve been doing more writing about my writing than writing. Fantasybits has been buzzing since the entire closing ‘joke’ pulled by El Dwarf. It feels good that all of it is out in the open and the mess has been sorted out. Not that this is an end to it by any means, but at least now we all know things in black, white and a few shades of grey I’m not so sure about.

I’m most interested in what JacLyn has to say about all this.

Meanwhile, the Cube-i-fying process continueth, with mixed results. I think I’ll stick with it — looks better than anything else I’ve done all year.

NaNoWriMo still kicks major gluteus maximus, and the ongoing story that just spontaneously sprung forth is running well. An excerpt:

“No thanks,” she said, “I tried some of these — Jez gave ’em to me, they’re foul. Don’t compare to the stuff we have back home.”

“Back home?” Drago asked.

Alexandra wedged herself between Angie and Reese on the couch. Reese couldn’t stop staring at her. Angie couldn’t stop glaring at Reese.

Alexandra said, “Have you ever smoked the leaves of the Aureate Gonvax, farmed off the back of a Silk-Dragon and dried in her breath?”

“Can’t say I have,” Drago said.

“I’ll show you sometime, shug’ah.”

“I look forward to it.”


The other writers are nice — maybe I can get a few to come over to Fantasybits to play. I know C’Tah joined.

Bender is stuck. She shall not be by tonight.