standing on the edge of november

It’s about half an hour to go. November. I’m trying to pass the time away with Bender, but that isn’t working. In fact, instead of writing, I edited some stuff out. Muse permitting I might write the entire pre-harem and harem scenes tomorrow. Of course, she might want me to go straight to The Tale of a Thousand Savants, Bender might have to be put on hold for a few days, at least to burn up the pent-up pre-nano energy.

ToaTS looks nice with its 48pt bold Trajan title. I put my name under it, as well as “01 November 2001 ~ 31 November 2001” — I don’t know whether to consider that as a sign of smugness or just wishful thinking. Even Bender looks nice with a 48 bold Trajan title. Heck, everything looks good with a Trajan Title.

Trajan needs to be big. It’s alright as a small font, but you really need to see it huge and up-close, I feel.

E-commerce was a mixed bag today. Okay, so it wasn’t fun at all. In addition to the already albatross-like Kaboom Project I have to do another 15 minute presentation next week on the role of graphics in e-commerce. Never mind that nobody from my group showed up today. Geh. I think it’s about that time to point a big finger at the rest of ’em and do thing the good old Vishal Bharadwaj way — Solo.

Well, 30 minutes to kill. Might listen to some ‘mood music’ — Tank! from Cowboy Bebop most probably. Tale of a Thousand Savants, though I don’t even know how it starts, seems to strike me as something that would start loud and cool and very stylish.

The Intangibles is still going though its initial gestation period. Have to get it ready tomorrow and let the punters in.

Current Projects:
Bender – 6,757 words
The Tale of a Thousand Savants(NaNovel) – 0 words (unless the title is counted ^_^)
The Intangibles – 51 posts (unedited), 7,647 words (edited)