ghost of the past

You thought I was dead.

You thought I was just lazy.

Okay, so you were right on the second one.

Two and a half months. A lot has happened. So let’s just run the checklist, ‘kay?

No, I didn’t finish the nanovel in time. Mom went to the hospital on the 11th (Nov 2K1), so things were on hold and I — almost — decided to shelve it until the 28th, when I thought I might go out in a blaze of glory. By Zero Hour I had gone up to 35K.

Not bad. Then I decided to take the day off…

…which has extended until today. Today is the day I start chapter 16 which — by my rough estimate — is a third of the way through the story. It’s changed a lot since I last wrote. I have much better characters now, thanks to a chapter which took place during a dinner (I needed some good conversation and the characters were born to suit that banter). Now the centre has shifted slightly away from Savant’s special squad — though they are important — to the higher level with Savant’s equals (in rank).

People seem to love it so far. It helped me get to 35K. Hopefully people will still like it after two and a half months. Mind you, none of the stuff I posted to Fantasybits wasn’t even spellchecked or proofread — I have yet to read the damn thing again, fully at least, and promise not to until the words ‘The End’ flash by.

All other projects — writing in general, in fact — is on hold. The Intangibles have been dormant since December. Maybe that’ll get active again, at least I hope so.

Oh, in December my father fractured his femur. He’s been at home for the past month. College is okay, been doing some work in Flash, and we started 3D today. I have the distinct feeling that I have no skill for any sort of visual medium, nor ever will.


Current Projects:
The Tale of a Thousand Savants(NaNovel) – 34,483 words