Today has been a rough day, writing wise. I hammered a few thousand words into Bender, but even in writing them I wasn’t satisfied. I have to move away from this habit of ‘introducing’ my characters in every story — it’s starting to annoy even me that I have to start Savant off as ‘the guy in the black coat’ every time. I do this with a lot of stories. I never say “John crept along” — I say “The figure crept along” until later on someone says “Hello John” and the character is named.

This never happens with my smaller, lighter stories, probably because lighter Savant stories are like new editions of a comic strip, whereas I unconsciously try to keep each longer/serious post as a self-contained thing in hopes that someday it may be published… this is even stranger as, to date, I’ve never tried to be published ^_^

Of course, the exception to this habit was Saturn Syndrome, but then, that was long and light-hearted, so…

Hopefully I’ll finish Bender tonight, but I may sleep early — tomorrow we’re supposed to start either Frontpage or Dreamweaver…