box populi

NaNoWrimo sure is fun. The message-board is just overwhelming sometimes, but hey, that’s what you get with 2000 people participating.

One thing it has taught me even before I put pen to paper on my NaNo-vel is this: Aim Low.

For months — heck, years — I’ve been trying to go from 0 to Da Vinci in no time flat, which usually leads to a lot of badly done, half-finished drawings and tons of frustration, followed by the “I can’t draw anymore!” thing.

Aim low, the sage says. Quality? Fuhgeddaboudit! Quantity — you bet!

You know those parts in the art books where they tell you to draw simple skeletons? Too complex for me, to wishy-washy, especially the way I draw.


You heard me, boxes — from now on until God knows when, I’ll be drawing boxes. Or rather, I’ll be Cube-i-fying people. Taking their curves and dips and nasty looking contorted expressions and turning them into boxes. One for the head, one for the body…

I did two sketches — haven’t drawn boxes in years, so the lines and perspective were a bit off (I’m still prone to ‘curving’ the boxes to make them look more like body parts) — but I’m getting there.

Think out of the box? Heck…

…The Box is your damn Think.