an unstuck bender

As the title says, Bender is back and flowing, though an edit will be needed — once it’s done, once it’s done. Swimming along at 5350 words, not even halfway done, maybe as little as a quarter — and I’m loving it. Sansaarika will be starring in a lot of future things, methinks. Now if only I could draw…

…speaking of drawing, the Cube-i-fying work continues at an okay pace — not doing a lot, but it’s better than nothing. I’ll probably refine single figures and stuff for the next month, then move onto cubed scenes (Roman Senates in Cubes seems like a nice thing to try).

Dreamweaver is surprisingly fun, and I did some sketches for the project website today — looks good, something I’d be proud of. The e-commerce project is stuck in neutral, I might do something tonight, maybe even some graphical work. Not that that’s the first thing on my mind… I’m a little sick of deciding what not to put into the final draft. I need to cut my emotions from this and think of it as — shudder — homework. That may help

People seemed to like Mote and The Old One on Fantasybits— wonder what they’ll think of later bits when Val gets a-twining. I may be dangerously close to fulfilling my “origins may kill characters” viewpoint.